VREG is the independent authority of the Flemish energy market of today and tomorrow.

Energy market in Flanders and Belgium

There are several market players active on the energy market in Flanders and Belgium. Energy follows a whole chain before being delivered to your home or company. 

Energy supply

The energy suppliers ensure that you receive energy and sell electricity and/or natural gas and bill your energy use.

Management of distribution networks

The distribution grid operators manage, develop and maintain the electricity and/or natural gas distribution network for a specific territory and transmit, at the supplier's request, the energy to the end users. They provide new connections to the network and are responsible for reading your electricity and/or natural gas meter.

Support certificates and guarantees of origin

Electricity from renewable resources is given a focus from 2 perspectives: on the one hand production support and on the other hand consumer information. Each perspective is fed by a reliable system to meet its purpose.

Figures and statistics

We monitor the energy market in Flanders and Belgium and publish figures and statistics on a regular basis (mostly monthly and annualy).

About VREG

VREG is the Energy Regulator in Flanders