About VREG


Our remit is to regulate and monitor the Flemish electricity and gas markets. We ensure an efficient and reliable operation of the energy retail markets and ensure compliance with environmental and social public service obligations. 

We regulate the distribution grids to ensure they are efficient, accessible and reliable for consumers and producers alike. We encourage customers to tap into the potential of the free market. 

As knowledge center of the energy markets, we provide advice to the Flemish government, we dialogue with all stakeholders in the energy market by fostering open communication with the Flemish authorities, with market actors and energy customers.

Division of competences

The federal authority is the competent body for the high voltage electricity grid with a voltage of over 70 kilovolt (kV), the storage and transport of natural gas, the production of electricity (with the exception of the production of electricity from renewable energy sources and combined heat and power systems) and nuclear power and electricity and natural gas transport tariffs.

The regions (including the Flemish region) are the competent bodies for the distribution of electricity via networks with a voltage of less than or equal to 70 kilovolt (kV), the distribution of natural gas, the production of electricity from renewable energy sources and combined heat and power systems, rational use of energy and social public service obligations. Since July 1st 2014, the Flemish region is also competent to regulate electricity and natural gas distribution tariffs.


VREG is responsible for the efficient organisation and working of the deregulated Flemish electricity and gas market.

  • We appoint the distribution network operators and grant supply licences to suppliers who want to supply to end-consumers on the distribution grid (unless they are entitled to do so based on their supply licence or supply activities elsewhere).
  • We also issue support certificates and guarantees of origin to producers of electricity from renewable energy sources and combined heat and power systems.
  • In addition to this, VREG draws up technical regulations for access to the electricity and natural gas network and for the management and expansion thereof. It mediates and deals with disputes relating to access to the distribution network, and the application of the code of good practice and the technical regulations.
  • VREG also has a supervisory function. We carefully monitor distribution network operators and energy suppliers to ensure that they comply with legal and statutory obligations. Examples of these are the public service obligations imposed on the various parties in the market.
  • Along with this, VREG acts as an advisor to the Flemish authorities to optimise the organisation and functioning of the retail energy market. We follow up the evolutions in the Flemish energy market, considered in a European context, via studies and market reports.

Board of Administrators 

  • Maarten De Cuyper
  • Ruth Lambrechts
  • Wim Raeymaekers
  • Els Reynaert
  • Hans Vanhoof

They were appointed by the Flemish Parlement for a period of 5 years.

CEO and Executive Committee

As Chief Executive Officer, Pieterjan Renier is responsible for the daily management. He is assisted by an Executive Committee: Sarah Van Kerckhoven (director Legal Affairs and Communication) and Thierry Van Craenenbroeck (director Networks).