Green power and cogeneration

Electricity from renewable resources and/or cogeneration is given a focus from 2 perspectives: on the one hand production support and on the other hand consumer information. Each perspective is fed by a reliable system to meet its purpose.

Support certificates

Since January 2002 a support certificate system has been in effect in the Flemish Region, with which Flanders aims to support and promote power generation based on renewable energy sources and/or cogeneration.

This is a two-pronged system. On the one hand producers of electricity based on renewable energy sources and/or cogeneration can receive support certificates. On the other hand there is a certificate obligation in place for power suppliers. They must submit a specific number of support certificates (quota obligation) in order to avoid a fine. 

Disclosure: guarantees of origin

In order to provide consumers with information on the origin of their electricity consumption, VREG publishes a yearly Fuel Mix Report.

At the point of consumption it is physically impossible to trace the origin of the consumed electricity. Therefore the system of guarantees of origin (GOs) was created, as a reliable parallel with the physical electricity flows. Consumers who want to check whether thier supplier handed in sufficient GOs for their consumption, are invited to perform the Greencheck.

Finally, VREG is contributing to the development of GOs for gas and for heat and cold in Flanders.


Several statistics are available (in Dutch) about support certificates and guarantees of origin, such as their average market price, the number that is issued, sold, and so on.


With the Greencheck you can check whether the electricity contract with your supplier is really green.

Origin comparator

In addition to the price and the service, the origin of electricity is also an important reason for choosing a particular supplier.

Do you prefer fossil, nuclear or renewable energy? Do you want Norwegian, French ... or rather green electricity from your own region?

Through the Origin comparator, families and businesses can compare all electricity suppliers in Flanders.