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Support certificates

With a support certificate system Flanders aims to support and promote power generation based on renewable energy sources and/or primary energy savings through the use of qualitative CHP facilities for the generation of electricity and heat.

This is a two-pronged system. On the one hand producers of electricity based on renewable energy sources and/or high efficient CHP facilities can receive support certificates. On the other hand there is a certificate obligation in place for power suppliers. They must submit a specific number of support certificates (quota obligation) in order to avoid a fine. 

The issuing of support certificates

A support certificate provides support to the production of a certain amount of electricity from a renewable energy source and/or qualitative CHP. Producers who are awarded a support certificate do not receive it on paper, but as an electronic item in the VREG-operated online certificate database.

Producers may sell these support certificates. The end-buyers are electricity suppliers who still have to meet their certificate obligation. They buy their certificates directly from producers or from traders who act as intermediates in the market. If the producer is also an electricity supplier, he can use his own support certificates to meet their certificate obligation.

Producers can obtain support certificates by applying for them at

The grid operator or VEA judge the application and calculate the amount of certificates to be issued, and pass on this information to VREG for the issuing of certificates in the online platform.

Certificate obligation

Every electricity supplier or access holder that is active in Flanders must comply with the annual certificate obligation or "quota obligation", both for green power and qualitative CHP.

He does this by submitting a certain number of support certificates for green power and CHP to the VREG every year before March 31st. The number of support certificates that suppliers / access holders must submit is calculated by the VREG and is based on the total amount of electricity that was purchased in the previous calendar year at the access points managed by the party concerned.

This quantity is multiplied by a legally determined quota percentage. For green power, the quota percentage for 2018 and beyond is equal to 21.5%, for CHP it is 11.2%. Only support certificates issued by VREG are accepted for the quota obligation.

Administrative fine

If a supplier does not submit sufficient support certificates to comply with their certificate obligation, they have to pay an administrative fine of €100 per missing certificate for green power and €38 for qualitative CHP.

These administrative fines are paid into the Energy Fund and will be used, among other things, to subsidise projects involving renewable energy sources.

For detailed information see Green Power Producers (Dutch).