Energy market

Energy suppliers

The energy suppliers ensure that you receive energy and sell electricity and/or natural gas and bill your energy use.

Distribution grid operators

The distribution grid operators manage, develop and maintain the electricity and/or natural gas distribution network for a specific territory and transmit, at the supplier's request, the energy to the end users. They provide new connections to the network and are responsible for reading your electricity and/or natural gas meter. In Flanders there are different DSO's. The operating company above all DSO's is Fluvius. More information on Fluvius.

Transmission grid operators

The transmission system operator transmits energy from the transmission grid and from abroad to the distribution network.

Elia is the transmission system operator for electricity, 

Fluxys is the transport company for natural gas, 


The major electricity producers in Belgium are Engie Electrabel, EDF Luminus and EON. No natural gas is generated in Belgium. All natural gas is imported from abroad.

Balance responsibles

There must be a constant balance between the electricity production and the consumption of electricity. This is the responsibility of the Access Responsible Party. Im balances can even result in power outages. 

More information

The shipper is the Access Responsible Party's counterpart for natural gas.


Energy suppliers who are not producers  buy their energy from a producer or on the power markets.


Regulators monitor and regulate the liberalised energy market. In Belgium there is one federal regulator, CREG ( and there are  three regional regulators:

  • VREG (Flemish Regulator of the Electricity and Gas Market) is the regulator in Flanders.
  • CWaPe is the regulator in the Walloon region 
  • Brugel is the regulator in Brussels (